For all natural Facials, Body&Soul is using pure botanical ingredients are combined with Body & Soul facial techniques based on ancient healing traditions for our Comfort-zone Rainforest Rejuvenation Facial,Comfort-zone Sublime Active Lift Facial,Regimen Logevity Facial,Body & Soul Revewal Jade Facial, Deluxe Toning Facial, and Body&Soul Vital Facial and our Oxygen Deep Cleansing Bespoke Facial.

For all the Facials which aimed to speed up the result we are combining pure botanical ingredients combined with E-light IPL or Laser are ( E-Light IPL & Facial Rejuvenation Toning & Lifting Effect and E-Light IPL & Facial Rejuvenating Clarity Acne Treatment. 

FACIAL TREATMENT WITH E-LIGHT IPL SKIN CARE E-Light Skin rejuvenation system combines both RF (radio frequency) and IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) Technology. E-Light uses assisted RF waves along with IPL to create a more efficient treatments for facials. Skin rejuvenation using E-Light is a common cosmetic procedure designed to produce a clear, healthy and beautiful complexion. It is rapidly becoming recognized as a fast, safe and highly effective method with almost zero needs for recovery. E-Light IPL is a great tool to help combat the effects of ageing, removing brown spots, reducing pore size & minor scars, treats acne, reducing wrinkles, improving overall skin texture and achieve a more youthful appearance.

E-Light IPL & Facial Rejuvenating Toning Pore & Lifting Effect.

70 minutes – 2,650,000 Utilizing scientifically advanced E-Light IPL device that prove a combination of reducing pores, lifting effect and toning properties, this treatment emits pulses of radio frequency...


E-Light IPL & Facial Rejuvenating Clarity Acne Treatment.

70′ minutes – 2.780.000 For frequently plagued with clogged pores and breakouts skin. This treatment is the best. Thanks IPL/ E – light helps to clear and heal all...


Comfort-zone Rainforest Rejuvenation Facial

60 minutes – 1.975.000 The Rainforest Facial is a rejuvenation collagen treatment that helps skin cells regenerate at the deep cellular level. Careful preparation of the skin is essential to...


Sacred Natural & Sublime Active Lift Facial

60 minutes – 1.975.000 Sacred Natural & Sublime Active Lift Facial is a rejuvenation treatment that helps skin cells regenerate at the deep cellular level.Thanks to natural rich Shea...


Regimen Longevity Facial

60 minutes – 1.765.000 Showing visible results in half the time of a traditional facial, this 60-minute treatment tones, renews, restores and repositions the skin tissues for a youthful,...


Body&Soul Oxygen Deep Cleansing Bespoke Facial

60 minutes – 1.865.000 The Jet spray treatment combines 100% oxygen and sterile saline to gently cleanse and hydrate the skin. The combination is delivered much like an airbrush...


Deluxe Toning Facial

60 minutes – 1.975.000 A perfect treatment for the chocolate aficionado, this aromatic warm paraffin wax masque opens the pores, allowing for easier and more thorough extraction of impurities...

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