BODY&SOUL use the newest, second generation technology in hair removal called SHR (IPL) LASER TECHNOLOGY

SHR combines laser technology and intense pulsed light (IPL) to achieve almost painless results for the removal of most types of hair and is safe on all skin types. SHR is different from the traditional IPL and laser as it targets the hair germ cells and blood supply that feeds it. It does not rely solely on the colour (pigment) of the hair to effectively destroy the targeted hair. New research has shown that a slower, longer heating process is more effective for permanent hair reduction than high and short levels of energy. BENEFITS OF SHR LASER HAIR REMOVAL. *More Effective Than  standard IPL *Pain Free just feel like a warming sensation *Faster Results Than IPL – Typically 10-15 Treatments *Can Treat All Skin & Hair Types –Even Tanned Skin HOW THE SHR SYSTEM WORKS Differences between IPL and SHR wavelength.For hair removal treatments, other systems uses the 640-1200 nm wavelengths. However, the hair follicle does not need such broad light spectrum. We use the professional 640-950nm wavelength. The precise wavelength will not only improve results, it will also reduce the level of pain during the treatment.The SHR hand piece delivers light energy that gradually heats the skin by pulse stacking or a sliding technique until the ideal amount of energy is delivered to the hair root. This new technology heats the follicle gently and for longer. This means the hair germ cells and blood supply are directly targeted.Hair follicles are not damaged by a single high energy pulse as in laser or IPL but by repetitive application of low energy pulses that raise the temperature of the dermis gradually and for longer. IS IT SAFE? Our machines are CE (Conformite Europeene) approved, which means they meet all legal health, safety and environmental protection requirements of the European Economic Area (EEA). IS IT A PAIN-FREE HAIR REMOVAL ? Most conventional IPL laser hair removal technologies utilize massive amounts of heat to destroy hair follicles and ensure permanent reduction. On the other hand, SHR IPL Lasers fire multiple shots but at lower Joules. This new method gently heats the hair follicles producing a warm tingling sensation—some clients compare it to a warm massage. In-Motion™ technology is utilised by moving the hand piece over the treated skin which contributes to the overall comfort felt by our customers during their hair reduction treatments. IS IT SUIABLE FOR ALL HAIR TYPES, ALL SKIN TYPES,  AND ALL YEAR ROUND ? SHR is safe for all skin types and all hair types, including some blonde, grey and finer hairs. It can even be used on tanned skin. We recommend however that you are not actively tanning at the time of your treatment. HOW MANY TREATMENTS DO I NEED? Depending on the area that requires SHR, we recommend that our clients have 10 - 15 treatments at 2- 4 weeks intervals. Hair reduction treatments at 4 weeks intervals will ensure that we are able to target the hair at the right time during the natural re-growth cycle. Towards the end of the process, the interval between hair reduction treatments may be extended to 6-8 weeks as the re-growth cycles slow down. People suffering from hormone imbalance may required more treatments. WILL THE HAIR GROW BACK? How many percentage hair reduction is depends on each person. But after the recommended 10-15 treatments, approximately 70% of the hair will not grow back. However, you need to retreated and top up 4 – 5 treatments per year HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE TO SEE THE RESULTS? It usually takes  4 – 5 treatments to see the result. Because the hair is not burned off immediately like with older laser technology. It takes about 20 days after each treatment for the laser to destroy the hair follicle. During this time, the laser light gradually reduces nutrients to the hair follicle. Until that time, it may appear as if hair is still growing as it is pushed to the surface and eventually falls out of the hair follicle. Often the hair can fall out in the shower or when you are exfoliating or shaving your skin. SHOULD I SHAVE BEFORE THE TREATMENT? We recommend you shave 1-2 days before the treatment. Do not use tweezers, wax, electrolysis, thread or bleach at least 4 weeks prior to your first treatment. Only trimming with a scissors or shaving is recommended.  WHAT SHOULD I DO DURING TREATMENTS? Before starting session with IPL or SHR Hair Removal method, the hair should not be plucked, epilated, waxed, thread, or electrolysis two weeks before the start of treatment because the connection between hair and root should not be disturbed. The skin should not be smeared with body lotion or body oil before the treatment. Use of strong exfoliation creams. Deodorants for 24hrs prior and after each treatment to the underarms. Please avoid the following activities in between treatments: Avoid Solariums or applying fake tan 5 days prior. We do recommend that you don’t actively tan during your sessions. Avoid exfoliation during the first week after your treatment. Direct Sun exposure (apply SPF 30 + sunscreen) on areas being treated) Long term sun beds (cover all areas being treated for safety reasons.) WILL MY MEDICATION AFFECT MY TREATMENTS? Certain medications may affect your laser treatment if they are photosensitive (such as Roaccutane, Retin A or doxycycline which can cause potential burns or pigmentation). If you are taking any medications it is best to advise your laser technician so that we can ensure the safest possible treatment results for you. Depending on your medication we may suggest performing treatments at least 6 months after you have finished your course of tablets. WILL LASER WORK IF I HAVE A HORMONAL CONDITION ? Yes. Females who are experiencing Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) or any hormonal conditions can achieve excellent results, it may take a little longer and touch up treatments will be required every 3 to 6 months as ongoing maintenance. SHOULD I HAVE LASER IF I AM PREGNANT? SHR hair removal treatments are becoming more popular, because they are very safe people often think it is ok to have treatments done while pregnant or breast - feeding. We don’t recommend you start treatments until 6 months  after your baby is born, for safety and hormonal reasons.

Chin SHR – 15 minutes – 600.000vnd/ 1 session

1 session: 600.000 vnd Please pay attentions before or after the treatment: Before starting session with  IPL or SHR Hair Removal method, the hair should not be plucked, epilated...


Lip SHR – 15 minutes – 540.000vnd/ 1 session

1 session: 540.000 vnd Please pay attentions before or after the treatment: Before starting session with  IPL or SHR Hair Removal method, the hair should not be plucked, epilated...

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