Full Bikini SHR- 30 minutes – 1.500.000vnd/ 1 session

1 session: 1.500.000 vnd

Please pay attentions before or after the treatment:

Before starting session with  IPL or SHR Hair Removal method, the hair should not be plucked, epilated or waxed two weeks before the start of treatment because the connection between hair and root should not be disturbed. The skin should not be smeared with body lotion 0r body oil before the treatment. After treatment it is recommended that you apply Aloe Vera cream or body cream since the skin will be feeling a little irritated and dry.

Important: You should not spend time in the sun or use the solarium immediately before and after the treatment. Swimming, sauna and hot baths should also be avoided immediately after treatment. Those are extra attractions which can cause further reddening or burning of the skin.

Risks and side effects:

Depending on skin type and sensitiveness of the skin, some light skin redness or slight swelling can be experienced. These are normal reactions which show that the treatment was effective and they should generally disappear after a short while.

The intake of certain medicinal products which trigger photoallergic and phototoxic reactions must be clarified beforehand.

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